This book is written for everyone. Although it is formulated for naturalistas, it contains good information about hair, life, and overall health practices. The author wrote this book based on her experience with Growing Natural. She had to grow with her natural hair journey, the trial and error of natural hair care and is sharing it with you to help guide you through your natural experience. In this book you will find that it is an easy read based on real life experiences surrounded by health, fitness, nutrition, finances, mental health, spiritual health and self care. The book offers helpful advice and recommendations for daily living and healthy hair care. This book is the first ever written by the author ( Ashley Crews) with editing done by one of her sisters ( Latika Price) and illustrations done by the other (Imyra Maxwell). I know you will enjoy this book. Please feel free to leave a review.


To All Happy Hair Growing and Healthy Glowing...

Growing Natural: A Guide to Healthier Hair and a Healthier You

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