How to take charge of your child’s Cradle Cap

Has any Of the Mom’s on my timeline experience their child having cradle cap? ( It’s when crusty white or yellow patches are on your childs scalp due to excessive oil production surrounding hair follicles). Welp I did and I was livid! As a hairstylist I was blessed to have born a beautiful daughter in which I already created a hair regimen for at birth lol! But this cradle crap had me to make some adjustments. This cradle cap was very new to me as a first time mom but not my cousin aka the baby whisperer @iamshaybee with her advice I was able to create a regimen that helped me rid this cradle cap, Here’s what I did... I would drench my daughters hair in olive oil or coco oil daily and then I would put on her bonnet this helped to allow the hair to soak up the oils and lift the flakes from her scalp making it softer to brush out without hurting her. Next I would wash her hair with shampoo 3xs a week to help with additional lifting of the scales. Last I would add my oil blend that I made for her hair with a lil water to lock in moisture and put her bonnet @kraddlekare back on. I would repeat this process until her scalp was free of the scales. Normally your child would loose hair if the cradle cap is not taken care of properly but if you swipe through you can see that I was able to save my daughters hair and she is not even 3months old yet. My mom did not understand how to care for mine so I suffered not having hair until I was about 5 yrs old. Early hair care for baby is key to healthy hair longterm. Please share your experience below or share this post with someone who may need help.

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